Our restaurant is a perfect place not only for quiet family occasions but also for splendid wedding receptions, first communions, baptisms, birthdays or pre graduation balls that will stay long in the guests memory thanks to an astounding menu and unique atmosphere.

No matter if you plan an all-night party or an intimate family celebration, our team will help you plan all details, from carefully thought-out menu to table décor that suit your preferences and requirements.

Featured below are our sample catering menus:

  1. Soups:
  2. Golden broth with fine pasta
  3. Champignon soup with croutons
  4. Vegetable soup with soft egg dumplings
  5. Leek soup with champignons and ground meat
  6. Broccoli soup with smoked ham

  1. Main Courses
    1. Savory roast pork loin with tomatoes, champignons and mozzarella
    2. Tenderloins in Black Forest ham with dried tomato sauce
    3. Braised chicken breast with vegetable stuffing in a delicate dill and lemon sauce
    4. Turkey escallops in crispy oat crust
    5. Roasted pork in Chasseur sauce

  1. Side Dishes
    1. Boiled potatoes with dill
    2. Rice and vegetable gratin
    3. Herb dumplings or Silesia dumplings
    4. French fries, roasted potato wedges or slices
    5. Fresh salad set (carrot and apple, beetroot, white cabbage salad)
  2. Additional Hot Dishes
    1. Beef Stroganoff, bread
    2. Roast chicken drumstick, chips, Chinese cabbage salad
    3. Stuffed pork chops in sauce, Silesian dumplings, leek salad
    4. Exotic port with champignons, pineapple, and rice
    5. Pork loin sticks in nutty crust with Farfalle pasta, green beans and forest mushroom sauce
  3. Additional Hot Dishes
    1. Sour beetroot soup with fried crepe roll, savory muffin or pastry
  4. Salads (2 kinds)
    1. Vegetable salad (100g)
    2. Greek salad (100g)
    3. Champignon and ham salad (100g)
    4. Celery, walnuts, chicken and mandarin (100g)
    5. Provence salad with green beans, red radish, egg and tomato (100g)
  5. Appetizers, beverages, pastry
    1. Roast meat and cold meat plates (stuffed meat, hams, kabanos sausages) – 50g/person
    2. Stuffed roast pork loin chops with horseradish paste – 30g/person
    3. Tomatoes, mozzarella and basil – 35g/person
    4. Stuffed cucumber bowls with herbs and cottage cheese – 25g/person
    5. Chicory boats with smoked salmon and caviar – 25g/person
    6. Stuffed pasta shells with tuna salad – 20g/person
    7. Pork meat, chicken meat or vegetable jelly – 65g/person
    8. Marinated herrings (with vegetable salad, in Gipsy marinade, with capers or rolls)
    9. Cold beverages – 1 liter/person
    10. Hot beverages
    11. Mix of breads
    12. Cookies and cakes
    13. Fruits

Price: 95 PLN/adult, children – 30% off

Price without the-second additional hot dish (item V) – 85,00 PLN

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